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When you feel like screaming: 

Practical Help for Frustrated Moms

In When you Feel like Screaming: Practical Help for Frustrated Moms, Sue shares her own deeply personal experiences of yelling at her children.


Loaded with humor and hope she identifies the reasons moms raise their voice and let frustration win out. Based on her own “in home laboratory” experience of raising four sons, Sue introduces strategies that work. Her practical tips help moms keep calm and consistent under pressure.


Your family will like the difference and so will you.

Book Endorsements


"Through Sue’s authenticity, wisdom and real life examples, she affirms that you are not the only one who loses it, and there is indeed, hope for change. Sue offers practical advice that works, so you really can set yourself up for success and your kids will believe you are the best Mom in the whole world."

Lila Rose, Founder of The Gatehouse and Project HandUp

"Do you feel frustrated and frazzled on your motherhood journey? Thankfully, in her book, When you Feel like Screaming: Practical Help for Frustrated Moms, Sue is a trusted friend who walks with you on the journey to find your “indoor mommy voice.” She offers hands-on, effective solutions versus more mommy shame. Get this book, friend.
You, and your family, will be happy you did."

Cindy Bultema, Executive Director of GEMS Girls' Clubs, speaker, Bible teacher, and author of Red Hot Faith and Live Full, Walk Free: Set Apart in a Sin-Soaked World
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