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Renowned for her story-telling, captivating topics, and her knack for using her life experiences as practical modern-day illustrations for timeless truths. Her humor helps break down barriers, enabling her audience to connect with the message.

Sue Heimer is an international speaker, counselor, author, and teacher who draws strength from her faith in God to conquer real-life challenges.  With a unique talent for creating personal connections, she can engage with her audience, whether in a small group setting or in front of thousands.


Through her keynotes, retreats, workshops, and counseling services (both in-person and online), participants will experience:

Enhanced self-awareness leading to confidence rooted

in faith.

Reassurance that their lives have meaning and purpose, and they can use their experiences to bring hope to others.

Strengthened faith to navigate life transitions and embrace new opportunities.

The ability to create a meaningful life with balance and sustainability.

Practical application to apply what they have learned. 

I am passionate about studying Scripture and teaching from the lessons God is teaching me. I'm not a preachy expert, just a transparent girl who speaks about hope in my struggles.

Bringing God’s Word to life so that it makes a difference in our everyday life is my greatest joy in speaking. I do this in a way anyone can understand, and I am very careful to weave stories and examples audiences identify with. Together, we’ll laugh, learn, sigh with relief, and walk away having experienced Jesus. The only regret conference attendees will have by the end of our time together is that they didn’t invite more of their friends to join us.

Speaking Topics

Living in Confidence

Do you know that your confidence in Christ is your right? In this powerful and practical session, Sue will explore the "confidence stealer's" that creep into our lives and rob us of the confidence and courage that God desires us to have to live an abundant life.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could get over hurt feelings from our past? How do we navigate through the real emotion that accompanies an offence? “Denial” or “rehearsal” of the wound certainly isn’t working. So then, how do we begin the journey to work through and ultimately “let it go”? We need a strategy- a new battle plan. Sue will introduce a battle in scripture that gives direction on not only how to “let it go” but also how to survive/thrive as you journey through it.

The Friend I Want to Be!

Women understand women. And yet we all struggle at one time or another with friendships. Using God's word as the blue print for relationships, Sue with humor and candor, will challenge you to become the Friend God created you to be!


Sue loves developing messages that meet the specific needs of her audience. She will gladly work with you to develop a dynamic program specifically for your event. Contact Sue to discuss your event needs.

Sue Speaks at all types of events including:

  • Large events

  • Small events

  • Women's Retreats

  • Women's Conferences

  • Women's Luncheons/ Dinners/Teas

  • Home School Conventions/Events

Carol Kent, International Speaker & Author of Unquenchable (Zondervan)

"Sue Heimer is a gifted communicator with a heart for people and a love for God. She powerfully combines biblical truth with practical applications for life, while weaving in enough humor to keep the audience listening intently. She is equally engaging on and off the platform and I highly recommend her ministry.”

Upcoming Events

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