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Sue Speaks at all types of events including:

  • Large events

  • Small events

  • Women's Retreats

  • Women's Conferences

  • Women's Luncheons/ Dinners/Teas

  • Home School Conventions/Events


Sue loves developing messages that meet the specific needs of her audience. She will gladly work with you to develop a dynamic program specifically for your event. Contact Sue to discuss your event needs.


What plans and dreams did you have this past year that did not come to fruition? Have the last few months stolen your hope and threatened to throw you completely off course? Are you ready to exchange discouragement for fresh joy? If so, a reset and time together with Sue Heimer may be just what you need! With her signature teaching style of practical, life-changing Scripture application, Sue will empower you with the promise that, with God, RENEWAL, RESTORATION and REFRESHMENT are always on the horizon. We can keep stepping forward in faith!  

She dances in the desert

Do you feel stuck in this season of your life?  As if you are living in the “land of the wait”?  Or maybe you find yourself repeating the same story over and over and cannot seem to move forward? Perhaps you reflect back and wish for the “good ole’ days”? Focusing on the biblical story of Miriam, Sue explores how we can move forward in life even when we have “more questions than answers”.  How one “tiny step” onward in faith can greatly affect our final destination.

Don’t Miss the Miracle

We don’t just drift into a holiday season of heightened awareness of the miracles all around us. It takes intentional effort.  With humor and transparency, Sue will explore the top triggers that cause us to miss the wonder of Christmas. Come prepared to laugh together and leave encouraged.

Living in Confidence

Do you know that your confidence in Christ is your right? In this powerful and practical session, Sue will explore the "confidence stealer's" that creep into our lives and rob us of the confidence and courage that God desires us to have to live an abundant life.



We have all been there. A point in our lives where there is not a whole lot of “Laughing and Loving in the Life we are living”. We may be in a place in our marriage, ministry, family or business and we feel defeated or at the very least overwhelmed. Pulling from rich biblical truths and weaving practical applications Sue’s message is “balm for the soul”. Women leave encouraged, challenged and empowered that God is faithful, He cannot lie, when He makes a promise He keeps it and He is “enough” for every area of their lives.



Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could get over hurt feelings from our past? How do we navigate through the real emotion that accompanies an offence? “Denial” or “rehearsal” of the wound certainly isn’t working. So then, how do we begin the journey to work through and ultimately “let it go”? We need a strategy- a new battle plan. Sue will introduce a battle in scripture that gives direction on not only how to “let it go” but also how to survive/thrive as you journey through it.


The Teen Whisperer ~ How to break through the Rebellion of Teenage Life

Sue helps adults understand teens! With humor, transparency and candor, Sue will share her own personal story of walking with a son through rebellion. You will leave this session challenged, encouraged and equipped to face this turbulent time with your adolescent.


When You Feel Like Screaming! Help for frustrated mothers!

Screaming is a habit, a habit that can be broken. This workshop will be loaded with humor and practical applications as we look at the factors that drive mommies to lose control. We will explore alternatives to screaming that will transform screaming mothers into strong, confident and controlled women.


5 Minutes Until Goodbye

What if you had only five minutes to say 'Goodbye' to someone in your life? Would five minutes be enough? Would the relationship be left with regrets and missed opportunities? Sue will share her own powerful personal story. You will leave this workshop equipped and challenged to pursue peaceful not perfect relationships with everyone in your sphere of influence. 


The Friend I Want to Be!

Women understand women. And yet we all struggle at one time or another with friendships. Using God's word as the blue print for relationships, Sue with humor and candor, will challenge you to become the Friend God created you to be!

What is the Junk in your Trunk?

“I was fine, and then I lost it.” Our emotional stress, if unchecked, continues rising, and then we react. Emotions are a gift from God. However, our emotional baggage becomes toxic when we stuff, deny or allow them to accumulate in our trunk of life. In this powerful session, Sue shares practical steps on sorting through our emotions, separating truth from trash.

What People are Saying

"Sue is an authentic woman of great faith who is relevant and engaging with an incredible gift to balance depth with humor and identify with her audience. You know there is heart impact when woman after woman waits to meet with Sue after she speaks to share their heart with her and how the Lord impacted them through her."


- Kim May, Director of Women's Ministry Ginger Creek Community Church




“Sue Heimer is a gifted communicator with a heart for people and a love for God. She powerfully combines biblical truth with practical applications for life, while weaving in enough humor to keep the audience listening intently. She is equally engaging on and off the platform and I highly recommend her ministry.”

- Carol Kent, International Speaker & Author of Unquenchable (Zondervan)
Live Laugh Love
Living in Confidence
When you feel like screaming
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